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At Brunswick Fyr & Safety Accessories, we serve Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by constantly adding new products and services to our lineup. Read on to learn more about what's new, or you can contact us today with your questions or concerns.

What's New

New products and services include:

Improved Hydrostatic Testing Services - we have been recently certified by Transport Canada to perform hydrostatic tests of high pressure cylinders to the maximum test pressure of 10,000 PSI. We are pleased with this increase from 5,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI as it will allow us to provide a greater range of hydrostatic testing services to our existing customer base as well as open new doors for the future. For further information or inquiries, please contact Barry or Katie in our service department.

Baffle filter for kitchen exhaust hood

Baffle Filter for Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Hood

20” x 20” aluminum @ $51.95 each (while quantities last)

20” x 20” stainless steel also in stock

Emergency evacuation plan

Emergency evacuation plan - All plans are customized to meet your special requirements. Call us for a quote today!


EyePOD, the faucet-mounted eyewash - Click here for more information

Silicone rescue tape Emergency burn station Bandage dispenser Brunswick Fyr & Safety Accessories Ltd

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL) - Keep yourself dry and comfortable while you work under the rain. This 5-in-1 parka gives you versatility, comfort and protection during those rainy days. Get the maximum amount out of your investment. This parka is reversible with a black interior, and can be worn as a traffic coat and jacket, winter coat and jacket, or a traffic vest and black vest

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL)

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL)

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL)

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL)

Stormfighter® 5-in-1 parka with reflective stripes (R8HVJ53XL)

Bio Med Wash - Sterile First Aid wash for skin and eyes. It is the non-saline alternative that remains sterile even under unsanitary conditions

yellow safety vests

Safety t-shirt - meets CSA Z96-09 CLASS 1, only $16.95 each

Fall arrest training in New Brunswick - New fall protection regulations in New Brunswick are in effect 01 January 2011 (Worksafe NB Notice)

Navy twill work deluxe coverall with 3M™ reflective tape

Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (950ml / 32fl.oz) with moisturizer - No water needed. 62% ethyl alcohol-based formula meets CDC recommendations for the highest hand sanitation. Easy rub-in foam with moisturizer. Dye and fragrance free (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets

Bollardgard bollard covers

Fall arrest soft goods inspection - Barry Smith, Service Manager with Brunswick Fyr & Safety Accessories for more than 30 years, is now certified to inspect NORTH fall protection harnesses

Respiratory fit test - Barry smith is also certified to provide a fit test on your respiratory requirements. Please call ahead to set up a time for your fit test.

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