We Offer Additional Clothing & Footwear

Clothing and Rainwear

Options include disposable unlimited use clothing, insulated coveralls, navy coverall with reflective tape, protective aprons and sleeves, fishermen and chemical clothing and safety t-shirts.


The footwear we offer includes options that are chemical resistant, slip resistant, designed to include toe caps (not intended to replace CSA steel toe boots) and chainsaw boots.


In a word, Icer's® are astonishing, and their uses are endless. They can be used by everyone, including postal carriers, meter readers, walkers, joggers, paper carriers, delivery persons, hunters, campers, emergency personnel, seniors and the list goes on! They are ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds.

Icer's® feature a unique design that insulates feet from the ground, keeping them warmer and dryer, yet also provide extraordinary grip. Using quality lightweight materials that stay flexible, they have replaceable cleats to assure a long lifetime. And they are made right here in Canada!

The standard model is made of SBR rubber with 34 hardened steel studs. Now featuring an adjustable front toe strap and an adjustable rear strap cross to assure a secure attachment to your footwear.

Icer's® Size Chart

Not sure what size Icer's® you need? Consult the chart below:

Size: Size/Inches (length x width)

XXL 14 1/4 x 5 1/4

XL 13 3/4 x 5

Large 13 x 4 3/4

Medium 12 1/4 x 4 5/8

Small 11 3/4 x 4 1/2

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